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In the breakfast recipe book (only in Spanish yet) you will find breakfast recipes in the most classic sense of the term. In other words, sweet or savory options, in which the aim is not so much to constitute a complete and balanced dish, but rather an appetizing snack first thing in the day, although they will always be healthy options. I am an advocate that breakfast is one more meal of the day and, as such, it could be made up of exactly the same principles as lunch or dinner. As in our cultural context it is not common to spend a lot of time at the stove as soon as you get up, I advocate eating the quick and perfect for breakfast option of the heated remains of the previous day's dinner, for example. But since I know that accepting this concept is still hard for most people, I dedicate a section here to "classic breakfasts". As premises, this collection of recipes gather to be:

- quick and easy to do at the moment or

- can be prepared in advance and finished (toaster, for example) or heated at the moment

- be made up of foods included in a healthy diet

As in the other sections of the recipe book, I do not want to give quantities or caloric value data of the recipes, since the energy needs of each person are highly variable and it is not the objective of this page to give any particular dietary advice.

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