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My food concept

Usually at home we have three main meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Breakfast can be sweet or savory, it can be made at the moment or something already made can be heated at the moment, or something already prepared that can be eaten cold.

Regarding lunch and dinner, they are indistinct and are a balanced and complete single dish in itself.

We do not usually have dessert and if we are hungry after eating, we end up with a piece of natural and seasonal fruit.

Between meals, if we are hungry, we usually opt for very simple options, such as a coffee with milk in the middle of the morning or a piece of fruit and/or a handful of nuts in the middle of the afternoon.

Homemade sweet desserts are something we reserve for special occasions and it is quite exceptional. Up to such a point that on those occasions we do not mind opting for something homemade or something purchased, if it is more convenient at that time. Being something exceptional, their elaboration is less relevant. That is why you will not find a dessert recipe section here. 

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